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We are here to help your business be compliant with state laws. Are you looking for proper disposal of lamps containing mercury? If you are looking for first-class service to help you be compliant, you have come to the right place! We will provide you with the proper containers for disposal so you can rest easy.

The following ‘recycling service containers’ include all recycling costs. The ‘containers’ meet or exceed the Federal and State regulations for packaging, labeling, accumulation start date, instructions, and limited training as required by the Universal Waste Rules and Regulations.

The ‘recycling service containers’ “Save” 75% in labor costs. No labor costs associated with assembling, labeling, taping boxes, or counting lamps. No separating or taping of alkaline batteries.

Simply place the Universal Wastes Lamps or Batteries into the appropriate ‘recycling service container’ and call RecycLights toll free number for pick-up and delivery of a new ‘recycling service container’.